Saving Money with an Online Education

One of the biggest and best advantages of pursuing an education online is the money savings that can be had for the taking. Online education may or may not be cheaper, in regards to tuition, than a traditional education, depending on where you go to school and what study or degree program you choose. That is only a part of the possible savings, however. Compared to a traditional education, line for line, the online education you can find through Illinois Education Online’s network can bring substantial savings through other means as well.

Gas/Commute: No dealing with traffic as you journey back and forth from campus to your work, or campus to home for classes, study groups, meetings with the professor, etc. You can handle everything right from your own home computer and put that gas money away towards your next car.

Parking fees: Most colleges and universities charge parking fees for the students to be able to bring their car on campus. These fees, depending on how choice your spot is, can be up to $1,000 per year or more. With an Illinois Education Online your parking fee is $0 – garage.

Food and nutrition: Instead of grabbing that quick slice of pizza and a soda for $5.00 as you head to your next class, you will save money by grabbing that beer out of your own fridge and a bag of chips to go with it if you so please.

Housing: Unless you are fortunate enough to find the perfect university with the degree you are interested in within commuting distance of your home, in order to attend school traditionally, you would have to find a new apartment, or live in the dorms of the school which can be extremely expensive. With an online education you get to stay right where you’re at and continue paying the rent/mortgage that you are used to.

School supplies: When enrolled in an online education, you also do not worry about school supplies, since 100% of your work is likely to be digital and electronically submitted to your course instructors through the Internet. You can skip the notepads, the pens, the paper for printing reports, and the expensive ink for a printer.

Rather than entering a traditional school, being assigned a graduating class and having to deal with all the pressures of face-to-face, worrying about scheduling conflicts between your classes and your work or personal life, an online education is much more likely to leave you the freedom to proceed through schooling at your own pace, whether that be one course per semester or nine. This will enable you to pay for the online education as you go if you wish, rather than struggling to secure financing through loans or scholarships, you can take as many or as few classes as you can reasonably afford without financial hardship.